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Our companies


Floid is the leading Open Banking provider in Latin America. 


Its technology is used by the leading banks and tech companies, giving them access to financial and governmental data across the region, using just one API.


Founded in Santiago, Chile in 2019, Floid operates in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. 

Defentry, a Stockholm-based cybersecurity firm since 2015, offers a comprehensive platform that scans various sources for data changes or leaks, minimizing the risk of identity theft and corporate breaches.


Serving corporate clients across Europe, including Securitas and Mysafety.

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Greatweek specializes in Subscription payments for consumers. Greatweek customers can decide exactly how the processes should be set up for subscription. Consumers can decide how an invoice should be sent out, sms, email or by post.

Greatweek is located in the Nordic market, but Sweden as the main market and headquarters for its operations.


Lara is a "Buy Now Care Later" company based in Sao Paulo and operating in Brazil.

The company was founded in 2021 through a joint venture with Webrock's ventures a company traded on the Nasdaq First North.

Lara has around 200 clinics connected today and is growing quite strongly by connecting more clinics in different areas in the health sector. Lara’s success has come by digitizing a relatively analogous brunch. Loan applications could take hours and even days before consumers receive answers. With Lara, it's in real time.


Cleo is a BNPL (Buy now pay later) company that has South America as its market. Today, Cleo

Operating in Chile since 2017 but has its sights set on more countries on the continent.

Cleo's target group is 80% of the population who do not have a credit card but still want the same opportunities to shop online and In-store with installments.

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