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Defentry: creators of the world’s first platform to safeguard against personal data breaches

Uppdaterat: 13 maj 2021

Providing ultimate protection and real-time intelligence for individuals and companies.

Defentry is a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to making the world a safer place by staying one step ahead of fraudsters.

Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, the tech capital of Europe, Defentry has developed the most sophisticated safety platform and API technology on the market – providing the highest levels of protection for sensitive information.

The company is growing in Europe and customers include security and monitoring specialist Securitas, which employs over 300,000 people in 53 countries worldwide, and mySafety Group, the leading Nordic company offering insurance and safety solutions.

Growing demand for data protection

Demand for identity and privacy protection is at an all-time high following a rise in security breaches. Data from the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) reveals cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, widespread and undetected. Identity theft continues to grow and remains one of the biggest threats while malware, phishing and ransomware are also increasing.

In its ‘Threat Landscape 2020’ report, ENISA warns of weakened cybersecurity defenses through changes in working and infrastructure patterns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to a surge in personalized cyber-attacks, using more advanced methods and techniques.

How Defentry works

The Defentry platform provides identity safety and real-time personal threat intelligence. The platform scans governmental, open-web, deep-web and dark-web sources to alert consumers and companies if their information is changed or leaked. This helps minimize the risk of potential ID thefts, frauds and corporate breaches.

​The team behind Defentry consists of experienced entrepreneurs with high technical competence and ‘inside knowledge’. The team includes Dan Egerstad, a world-renowned hacker who is today one of the leading white-hat hackers, the name given to ethical hackers who know how to identify security flaws in computer systems or networks so that steps can be taken to protect sensitive data.

Defentry has incorporated Dan’s know-how into a scalable product which proactively monitors and protects personal information like identity, mail addresses, login information and personal financial information.

Working behind the scenes

With ID theft rising fast, it’s good to know that Defentry technology is working behind the scenes to keep personal data safe.

With Defentry, consumers and companies can rest in the knowledge that their data will be monitored using sophisticated cybersecurity technology and they will receive an alert if their data is leaked and someone tries to use it.

Defentry has shown strong growth in the past year providing its proactive personal data protection platform to distribution partners, software companies and large corporations. The company aims to continue to grow to expand throughout the Nordic region and into selected EU markets using its proven distribution model.

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